December 23, 2019
December 23, 2019

Set up a gathering with your employer to confirm financial details and make an approximation of the costs incurred for the shift. A lot of employers provide living accommodations or escorts for house hunting. Many companies provide Rental Deposit Loans or Rental Money for their employees. A lot of employers pay for relocation costs of prospective employees including travel fare for the entire family. Clear these details with your employers. Real Estate Matters Apart from job related details, you will need to settle Real Estate and property related matters too

For residential properties owned by you, you may want to sell it or give it out for rent. If the property is not financed, selling it will draw capital tax gains. And in case your house has exceptional EMIs, you have to find a purchaser and then move the loan to him. Or you can even pay off the equilibrium on your own. In case you do not want to sell off your property, you have two options. Keep your house vacant or rent it out. If you keep it vacant, you have to keep paying preservation fees. Renting it out makes more sense financially. Renting out your house ensures a steady income and rids you of maintenance problems.

EMIs In case you have an outstanding loan, a few steps have to be taken. In case of EMIs being paid from your existing account, you need to provide sufficient funds. Once you are settled into your new home, the bank has to be informed of your new account and direct deduction of future EMIs

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