Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1) What is

Ans: is an exclusive web resource i.e. E Brochure of our company to get the helpful details of companies services offering an array of packing moving services like packing moving, household shifting, office shifting, loading unloading, transport-moving, relocation, car transportation by car carriers and other related services. The website is one of its kinds fully devoted to the packing moving services provided by us. The visitors/ users can search, request quote, view company details, read about services and get to the best packing moving company.

Q. 2) Is a Company?

Ans: No, is not a company. It is a e brochure of packing moving service provided by us. You can consider as the stage for the best packing moving services providers and service. Here you can read about and contact us .for your move and get best and suitable packing, moving and relocation services all over India.

Q.3) How much time should I allow before contacting the moving company?

Ans: 24 hours.

Q.4) How much time does a pre-move survey take at my home?

Ans: A pre-move review usually takes around three hours or so.

Q. 5) How do I know what I can and cannot take with me?

Ans: Field Officer of individual of moving packing company will assist you in the process.

Q. 6) Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

Ans: Insurance is wanted so that you do not acquire the loss even if any accident happens due to unexpected factors like accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc that can result in damages to the goods during moving process.

Q. 7) What is insurance coverage based on?

Ans: Insurance coverage is based on the declared value, which can be calculated simply with the assistance of field officer.

Q. 8) What are my responsibilities during the moving process?

Ans: You only need to provide applicable documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book of your vehicle moving.

Q. 9) What type of containers will be used to transport?

Ans: Sealed Weather Proof closed Containers.

Q. 10) How long packing and loading take at my residence?

Ans: Usually, one room takes three hours and so on.

Q. 11) What is it that cannot be loaded on the vehicle?

Ans: Some property like pets, liquids/oils, inflammable items will not be allowed to be loaded on to the vehicle.

Q. 12) How can I move my car?

Ans: Packers and Movers companies offer precise car carrier solutions to convey your car securely from one place to another. They also offer door to door car carrier service wherein the vehicle is picked up by the professionals in this field from the door step and delivered right at the informed destination, at the right address.

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